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Lost In Yonkers - A Tony Award Winning Dramady


Riverside Theatre takes us back to another time and place with their mainstage show, Lost In Yonkers. A Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize winning story from Neil Simon, the play not only follows the struggles of a family in Yonkers, New York, but it also gives us a snapshot of the difficulties of life in these United States in the 40’s. People with mettle, eeking out a living and happiness in a world where World War 2 is creating financial hardships.  The show is a “dramady” featuring laughs and tears.

Due to the loss of their mom and the financial hardships of the family, two young boys are sent to live with their father’s harsh German grandmother, played by Shami McCormick. Their dad, portrayed by Steve Perlmutter, feels he can get the family back on their feet by becoming a travelling salesman. He is a good dad, doing what he thinks is best for his boys.

During their stay, the boys come in contact with varied family members, from their naïve aunt to their thug uncle. All along the way, they are learning about life, love and loss.  Arthur, played by Vincent Crocilla and Jay, played by Bergman Freedman are adorable and it is a delight to see the world through their eyes.


Emily Berman portrays the boys’ child-like aunt, Bella. She is sweet and hopeful while carrying secrets from her past that speak to the difficulties of being a little different. Uncle Louie is the preeminent gangster.  This role is portrayed by Jonas Cohen. He rolls into the house with a larger-than-life personality and delivers the upheaval you would expect from a hustler. Rounding out the cast is their slightly weird aunt - we all have one - played by Carine Montbertrand. The sum of these parts is an interesting family dynamic! 

Through their year in Yonkers, the boys learn many lessons and the audience becomes endeared to them. If you love theatre, you’ll love Lost In Yonkers.  Matinee and evening performances continue through February 23rd.    

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