Beehive – Sure To Give you A Nostalgic Buzz!

Beehive is a stroll through the music of the sixties… and when I say “stroll”, I mean the lively dance craze!  This musical review will have you dancing in the aisles...  The show features many of your 60’s favorites, packaged with lights, costumes and nostalgic tidbits of the day’s news that made the 60’s such a great moment in American history.

The cast features amazing vocalists that are also impressive storytellers. Dazzling costumes transport you. Artists like Leslie Gore, The Supremes, Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin and Tina Turner all come to life and deliver 2+ hours of memorable, toe tapping time travel.

Riverside Theatre veteran Kathryn Brunner, who was seen last season in Legally Blonde, returns to play one of the musical leads.  Her interpretation of “It’s My Party” is great fun! Brunner also serves as the Dance Captain for the ensemble, which is clearly an achievement.  These ladies dance and romp up and down risers through their numbers, never becoming winded by the high energy moves and strong vocals.

Aveena Sawyer is a sensation as Aretha Franklin. You get chills hearing her soulful delivery of “Natural Woman”.  And, while we look at the music legends recreated for this show, Karissa Harris sets the stage aflame as Tina Turner. There are many strong musical moments, but Karissa as Tina truly is a standout. Bailey Purvis channels the song stylings of Janis Joplin with authenticity. You'll feel that you, too, went to Woodstick! Tavia Rivee delivers the incredible persona of Diana Ross, recreating the superstar's beautiful vocals.


Rounding out the ensemble cast is Caitlyn Caughell.  Caughell’s “Where The Boys Are” was innocent, sweet and disarming. It brought an “I love this song” from my theatre mate who is young enough to have never have heard it before.  Which brings me to a point – This show is a great introduction to life in the 60’s for your children and grandchildren. They can glean a glimpse of our innocence and joy from our musical journey as depicted in Beehive. It’s a great adventure for the whole family!

Don’t miss Beehive at Riverside Theatre with matinee and evening performances through November 17th.

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