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Friday and Saturday evenings at 7pm on

101.7 FM

Denise Boehning Friday at 7:30pm & Sun. at 8:30pm on 101.7 FM

Mental Health Matters

Lisa Rymer from New Horizons Friday at 8 PM

on 101.7 FM

American Car Classics

Keith MacDonald & Gang

at 2 PM Saturday

on 101.7 FM

Ellen Contreras, Sat at 3pm and Sun at 7pm

on 101.7FM

City Talk

David Moshier, Sat at 3:30pm and Sun at 7:30pm on 101.7FM

Vero Insider

Anna Valencia, Sat at 4 pm and Sun at 8pm

on 101.7FM

Colonel Marty Zickert, Sat at 4:30pm and Sun at 10pm on 101.7FM

Ed Dean Radio Show

The Ed Dean Radio Show Saturday from 5pm to 7pm on 101.7FM

Beauty & The Beach

Cindy Goetz & Lori Davis, Sat at 8pm and Sun at 4:30pm on 101.7FM

Counseling Insights

Gerry Lamothe, Sat at 8:30pm and Sun at 3:30pm on 101.7FM

NVEC In Focus Today

Carrie Adams, Sat at 9pm on 101.7FM and Sun at 830am on WQOL

Our Veterans' Voice

Ralph Oko, Sat at 10pm

and Sun at 6pm

on 101.7FM

Lee Olsen & Joe Smith,

Sat at 11pm and Sun at 2pm on 101.7FM

Making Rounds

Jennifer Toby and Co., Sunday at 3pm and 11pm

on 101.7FM

Kevin Mahon,

Sundays at 4pm  on 101.7FM

Martha Matters

Martha Argue, Sun at 5:30pm and 11:30pm

on 101.7FM


Vicki Soule hosts, Sun

morning at 7am on Sundays

on WQOL 103.7FM

Moonshot Radio

Dr. Nivea Torres hosts 

Sunday mornings at 7:30am on WQOL 103.7FM

Cultural Connection

Willi Miller hosts 

Sunday mornings at 8am

on WQOL 103.7FM

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Planet Vero Radio/TV is locally produced in Vero Beach Florida at the Idea Garden Radio & TV Production studios. We produce over 50 hours every week of local talk radio and TV shows on WAXE 1370am and simulcast on 107.9fm Monday thru Sunday 3PM-8PM and Saturday and Sunday on Real Radio 101.7FM. It is simulcast streamed on iHeartRadio.com. Our 15+ hosts talk about local topics to Vero Beach and the surrounding area. Tune into Livestream.com-PlanetVero TV and Facebook Live to watch the production of our entertaining and informative radio shows. Sign up for the optional notice when a live broadcast begins and join in the fun by tweeting us your comments!        @planetverotv




Local chat, information, events, fun! Local celebrities vested in Vero Beach and The Treasure Coast. Radio that is relevant in your life....besides, it's really entertaining. 




This is a partial list of our clients.



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We can't wait to talk to you. Join us in the FUN and be a Media Mogul!

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Vero Beach, Florida 32960



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